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Portguese Delicacy, tasty tasty!

We know, you are probably thinking: Canned fish? Not for me, thanks! But did you know that canned fish has been among the pivotal roots of the food and import-export “industry” back in the days of the Phoenicians and the Romans? Join us on this amazing learning experience and will learn that there’s so much more in those tiny, shining cans of fish than you thought! Our super expert, fun guide will help you understand all the varieties of fish. There is a whole culture to it. You’ll learn about all the different delicacies and specialties by, of course, tasting them cans first hand! At the end, the kids will learn how to seal and can the fish and even get to bring home a very special souvenir!

Our promise to you:

You will have a spectacular day with lots of fun and memorable moments!


  • Don’t forget to bring a camera! Your kids as a sardine? You don’t want to miss that picture!
  • Different languages available
Type of Activity:  Activity
What´s Included: Historical contextualization of the canning industry in Portugal. Fish and types of canned fish. Canned fish tasting session with toasted bread and accompanied by a drink. Kids can decorate and seal up a can as a souvenir to bring home.
Length:  1.5 /2 hours
Time: according to preference and subject to availability
Available: Monday to Saturday
Meeting Point: Loja das Conservas at Rua do Arsenal
Dress code: Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
Activity Level: Moderate

What our big and small clients are saying:

To tell you the truth, I never thought this could entertain my kids as much, as it did! They were engaged in learning the about the different specialties and so ready for the hands-on part! Highly recommended, folks!
Lawrence Craft
Bristol, UK
Fun and interesting! The kids were super excited (more than we were, honestly ) but eventually the guide conquered us all! We learned so much, had fun sealing the cans and the gift.. wait for it! Hahah. Awesome experience!
Jamie Keith
Melbourne, AUS
You’re probably thinking, as I did, that your kids would have never enjoy a fish-themed tours, but trust me from experience, they do! My boys - 6 and 9.5 years old - not only were intrigued and engaged by the guide’s presentation of facts and stories, but they were definitively excited to try and seal the cans! This is a fun and very different way to spend an afternoon and learn something new!
Dani O’Neill
Philadelphia, USA

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