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A travel through time in history as we unfold the secrets of the past in this mysterious city!

The Former East-Berlin, 4 hour tour!


A travel through time in history as we unfold the secrets of the past in this mysterious city and like an espionage feel the thrill inside the Checkpoint Charlie, the famous border crossing in Berlin’s centre. A nearby baroque gem in Gendarmenmarkt is found. Ask how they managed to build a harmony between French and the German Cathedral in one place, as well as the Konzerthaus Berlin! Along the way, and if time permits, you may have a little shopping time in Freriedrichstrasse, the newly formed shopping street in former East-Berlin. Ready your cameras and take the perfect angled position in the vast “Palace Square,” of the original German palace, the Schlossplatz! An urban tour to the largest square in all of Germany, the Alexander Platz and see for yourself the famous 365 metre TV-Tower! You will also visit the Berlin Cathedral that served as Germany’s main protestant Cathedral before and now one of the sites in the Festival of Lights during October. Who would have thought to build an island of museums?! The Museumsinsel is the home of five most complex and significant internationally known museums. Enjoy the short stop in the Unter den Linden – Under the Lime Trees, one of the famous big city Boulevards of Europe with the Armoury, Guard House, State Opera, oldest of Berlins Universities, Statue of Frederic the Great; in the Holocaust Mahnmal, a memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and at the Berlin landmark, the Brandenburger Tor, that once was a city gate –a symbol of division and now a symbol of unity. The Pariser Platz in front of the Brandenburg Gate has its own rich history as well. Let yourself in the Reichstagsgebäude and experience the 360 view of the city through the large glass dome located at the very top of the building! You can also see Germany’s new Parliament right below your feet. Another short stop at the new government district, the Regierungsviertel to wrap up the day’s tour!


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