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A 4-hour tour on the former West Berlin. Be fascinated with this modern and as well as historically rich city!

The Former West-Berlin, 4 hour tour!


Let us begin the march in the surprising Emperor William Memorial Church. You will experience one of the most bustling shopping streets in the former West – Kurfürstendamm. You might find a unique piece to remember the huge shopping district in all of Berlin! View some of the most spectacular embassies in Tiergarten Street!  A quick stop at the ‘Cultural area’ and see the Philharmonic Concert Hall, State Library and Museums.  And a tour to Berlin’s city square – Potsdamer Platz and find some the cityscape architectural designs that houses shops, restaurants, offices, art and film museums, cinemas and so much more!

Touch the city’s historical border of the East and the West. The Berlin Wall – a division built to be a curse of the past as it is the beauty of today!

…. a little trivia of the famous Berlin Wall:

It was originally 160 km long barrier that was constructed by the German Democratic Republic in August 1961 which completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin. Only in 1989 – 27 years later a series of radical political changes occurred in the Eastern Bloc and the wall came down and paved the way for German reunification about a year later! Today, it presents itself as the long tapestry for the international graffiti artists! Go through along its path and sure you’ll find traces of history beneath the open air gallery.

Be one of the artists for the day and create your own Graffiti on the wall! Find your inspiration through the expression of freedom spread throughout the big canvas and let your creativity pour out! (Art to take a pictures with; not to take home).

Enjoy the fascinating modern architecture of steel and glass of the Berlin Main Station with its unique engineering and architectural method that is adapted in today’s building constructions in different parts of the world. Let us take you back in time as you visit the Old Congress Hall built for the 1957 international Architecture Exhibition, a landmark of the post-war Berlin; and few other incredible districts and sights like: Bellevue Palace – official residence of German Presidents since 1994, the Victory Column – Memorial to the triumph in the Prussian – French War from 1870, Tiergarten Parc – Berlin’s large “Central Park”, the former Royalty’s game park, the Olympic Stadium – built for the 1936 Olympic Games, Charlottenburg Palace – a splendid baroque summer palace, built 1695 and last but not least, Grunewald district – Berlin’s most luxurious and leafy villa area which is best the place for long walks or a relaxing bike ride, of course, if we have plenty of time!


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