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Meeting Point: In front of the Capitoline Museums

Length: 2.5 hours

Wearing a mask is mandatory inside the museums.

This is the Mythology tour which highlights the Roman gods and goddesses. On this Mythology Tour inside the Capitoline Museums, the world’s oldest public museum and one of Rome’s best kept secrets, you will learn more about the great empire and how its people worshipped their deities. To understand the ancient Romans, one must look back and understand not only their grand monuments but most of all, what they believed and how this affected their everyday lives. 

This 2.5-hour private tour will take you to see some of the most important ancient Roman sculptures and art masterpieces found all over Rome and beyond. The Capitoline Museums contain very rare ancient artefacts like rare bronze statues and only remaining copies of ancient Greek originals. This tour is a quest not only for the lover of beauty and history, but most of all for those who are big fans of Mythology.


  • Get to visit the oldest public museum in the world, the Capitoline Museums
  • Meet the Roman gods and goddesses
  • Learn more about the ancient religion and cults of Rome
  • See up close some of the best ancient Roman art
  • Meet the famous She-Wolf, the symbol of Rome
  • See the precious ancient bronze statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius


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    A very important part of Rome’s history is its ancient cults. The Romans believed in gods and goddesses, it was not faith, it was a cultic worship. There are so many written about Greek mythology and yes, the Romans copied most of that as they were a very practical people. On this tour, you will learn why the Romans did what the Romans did with its mythology and most specially, with its foundation myth.

    Explore one of Rome’s most beautiful museums, the Capitoline Museums. This museum is one of Rome’s best kept secrets as most visitors focus on the Vatican Museums missing some of the most important artefacts that archaeologists found in very important sites.

    On this tour, you will see the very rare, gigantic bronze statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. But that is just a start, see the parts of the ancient colossal statue of Emperor Constantine, both in marble and bronze. See the remains of the Temple of Jupiter, the most important temple in all ancient Rome and the whole empire. And meet also the She-wolf, this is the perfect spot to listen to the Roman foundation myth. On this tour, you get to see even the very precious Baroque statue of Medusa, depicted like no other by the famous Bernini. These are only a few of the treasures you get to discover on this Mythology Tour, make sure you are ready for more.


    The tickets are very limited as the Capitoline Museums allow a limited number of visitors and we highly recommend that we book the tickets as soon as possible. Only online booking allowed.

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