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Map of Sicily island

Best Things to do in Sicily with Kids

Best Things to do in Sicily with Kids

Map of Sicily island ,

Best Things to do in Sicily with Kids

Nestled just right at the edge of Italy, Sicily has so much for you and your family to discover! From the beautiful sights, the rich history, the scrumptious foods, Sicily has all that you need for a perfect family holiday. With the active volcano and roots from Romans, Greeks, Normans and Catalans, Sicily can definitely be the adventurous family vacation that will get your kids all excited about. 

flower pot in sicilian style

So if you’re planning the perfect trip to Sicily with kids, here are the top things to do in Sicily for families: 

Take a Tour to Mount Etna

Mount Etna is Europe’s tallest active volcano, and is a must-do when you’re in Sicily. Located about an hour from Sicily’s capital Catania, Mount Etna can be reached by road. For families visiting Sicily with young kids, we recommend renting a car with a driver or signing up for a kid-friendly private tour to make the most of your trip. This is definitely the best option if you’re visiting during the scorching summer months. 

Mountain of Sicily

During your daytrip to Mount Etna, you will be able to visit some of the lava caves, hike to the top and enjoy some truly spectacular views of the surrounding region. This is definitely an experience to check out on your bucket list and will give your little ones the opportunity to experience nature like never before. 

Spend a Fun Day at Etnaland

With the beautiful Mount Etna overlooking this place, this theme park and aquatic park is definitely an eye catcher for those who have hiked up the mountain and need a cool burst of adrenaline rush. 

Etnaland is a sure way to enjoy with your kids, who would definitely love to wade through the cool swimming pools after a hot day of exploring. If you are with teenagers, the many water park rides in Etna land will fascinate them, while you can lie lazily in the lazy river, sunbathing and sipping on mojitos. 

If your kids are into dinosaurs, Etnaland also has a Prehistoric park, where you can ‘discover’ dinosaurs all over again! A journey through the Prehistoric era might solve some curious questions for your little ones and at the end of the park, you can also pick some souvenirs that commemorate your memorable family moments. Make sure to book your tickets in advance before you go to skip the lines at the ticket window. 

Explore the Ancient Ruins in the Valley of Temples

One of the most interesting attractions in Sicily is the Valley of Temples also known as the Valle dei Templi situated in Agregento. It is a 2500 years old monument that is also a  UNESCO world heritage site. The valley is filled with Greek ruins and should not be missed by any history lover. In fact, if your little ones love stories, this archeological site has a dozen to tell! 

The awe inducing temples of Dioscuri, of the Greek god and Olympian Zeus and the temple of Hercules will leave the little ones enthralled and the stories will engage and educate their little minds. No matter where you’re based in Sicily, you will be able to plan a fun trip to Agrigento easily, as the area is well connected due to the high number of tourists that visit each year. You could also opt to drive or hire a private car service to make the experience easier for your family. 

Discover Greek Ruins in the Ancient Town of Syracuse

Another delightful place to visit in Sicily for history lovers is Syracuse. The historic city centre of the town is filled with Greek ruins, including the impressive Greek Theater, a 5th century limestone cave used for performances and the Ear of Dionysius. Legends state that you can hear the whispers of the prisoners who were caged in this cavern by the tyrant Dionysus.

Your kids will love visiting this cave and enjoy hearing their voices being amplified back at them. We also recommend signing up for a family-friendly tour during your time in Syracusa to learn all about the fantastic history behind the God of music and revelry! 

Experience the Flavours of Sicily on a Fun Food Tour

Sicilian cuisine is unique and delicious because it is steeped in tradition and culture. The bursting flavours and the tantalising aroma that seep out of the cafes and gelatarias vary from the typical Italian food. The heritage of the food is so distinctive, and is an absolute delight for any foodie visiting the area. 

And what’s famous in Sicily, you ask? Oh, the lip smacking artichokes, the flavorful cannolis and everything citrus- y! That’s what the cities of Sicily, like Palermo, are famous for. 

Make sure to try the world famous Sicilian prawns, or if you’re a vegetarian, you could check out the variety of fruits at the local food markets, especially the sought after Sicilian blood orange. And that’s not all! We’re sure the little ones will love to try the delicious chocolate from Modica. 

The best way to explore the different flavours and dishes from Sicily, while learning about the local culture is by signing up for a kid-friendly food tour

Family Adventures at the Monti Rossi Adventure Park

Located in the extinct volcanic cone of the Pineta Monti Rossi di Nicolosi, this adventure park is located right outside Sicily’s capital. The Monti Rossi Adventure Park is a splendid way to divulge into nature. 

The park offers various adventures like  defying gravity and hanging upside down, suspended trails, balancing yourself on a log and a beautiful nature trail that lets you explore the flora. What a wonderful way to let children be and learn in nature! You can also have a picnic and enjoy the picturesque landscapes that the park has to offer. 

Learn more about the park and book your tickets here. 

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