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Rome to Pompeii: A Perfect Day Out for Families

Rome to Pompeii: A Perfect Day Out for Families

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Rome to Pompeii: A Perfect Day Out for Families

Pompeii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy, and for a good reason. This ancient Roman city was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, and the ruins have been preserved for over 2000 years. Today, visitors can walk through the streets and see the remains of houses, shops, and public buildings, as well as admire the frescoes and mosaics that have been preserved. A trip to Pompeii makes a perfect day trip for families visiting Rome as it provides kids with the perfect opportunity to learn while having fun.

The problem for families, however, isn’t what to do but rather how to select the best things to do from a very long list of wonderful activities and places to visit! Especially when there are kids to be entertained. Here we represent our absolute favourite, must-do family activities to make your day trip from Rome to Pompeii even sweeter.

Visit The Amphitheatre

The Pompeii Amphitheatre is one of the most impressive and well-preserved structures in the city. It was built in the 2nd century BC and could hold up to 5000 spectators. Visitors can walk through the seating area and imagine what it would have been like to watch a gladiator fight or other performance in ancient times. 

The Forum

The Forum is the heart of ancient Pompeii and was the centre of political, economic and social life. It is surrounded by the most important public buildings and religious temples. The Forum was a large open space surrounded by porticos, with shops and taverns on the lower level. You will have the chance to see the remains of the Basilica, the Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Apollo.

The Forum Baths

After walking through the Forum, make sure to stop by these well-preserved baths right by the Forum. Today, you can still see how the baths were heated back in the Roman days. While there are various other bath ruins in the Pompeii archaeological sites, these are by far the most elegant of them all. With separate entrances and areas for men and women, these baths offered cold, hot and tepid baths back in the day. 

The Villa of the Mysteries

Pompeii was home to many wealthy citizens and their villas, which have been preserved and can be visited today. These luxurious homes feature beautiful frescoes, mosaics, and frescoes. The Villa of the Mysteries is one of the most famous and impressive, with a series of frescoes depicting the initiation of a woman into a secret cult.

The Antiquarium of Pompeii

After visiting the ruins, head to the Antiquarium of Pompeii to see the most significant finds and traces of the history of Pompeii from the Samnite era (4th century BC) until the tragic eruption of AD 79. The museum features a wide range of objects and also offers some digital media features to make the visit interactive and interesting for kids. It is a great way to finish your visit and understand the history and significance of the site. This is an experience that you and your family will never forget!

Getting to Pompeii from Rome

The best and fastest way to get to Pompeii from Rome is by getting the fast train to Naples and then getting the MET from Naples to Pompeii Scavi. The journey takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes in total, and the heritage site is a quick 5-minute walk from the train station.   

If you’d like to drive, expect to spend about two and a half hours on the road, given the traffic conditions. Also, consider that there is no free parking around the archaeological site, but you can easily find paid parking lots around. 

Tours, Tickets and Timings for the Pompeii Archaeological Site

Check the updated opening times and ticket prices from the official website here. We recommend booking in advance to make the most of your trip and to avoid long queues. 

For those looking to book a family tour in Pompeii, please reach out to us for a tailored tour that meets your requirements. Our guides are trained to ensure a fun, interactive and entertaining experience especially for families with kids.

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