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Things to do at the Venice Carnival with Kids 2023

Things to do at the Venice Carnival with Kids 2023

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Things to do at the Venice Carnival with Kids 2023

Visiting Venice during the carnival is truly a bucket list experience! It is especially a great experience for kids as there is so much to see and do and celebrate during this period. With the backdrop of the iconic scenery of Venice, the dramatic costumes and the overall excitement, attending the Venice carnival with kids is a must!

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What to do during the Venice Carnival with Kids?

There are plenty of things to see and do in Venice during the week of the carnival. From colourful parades, extravagant balls and open-air masquerades, your kids will surely have the best time visiting Venice during this time of the year. Here are five top things to do in during the Venice carnival with kids:

Pick Out the Perfect Costume and Mask

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If your kids love Halloween, they will surely love carnival! It’s another opportunity for them to dress up. But this time, they get to dress in gorgeous historical costumes and the typical Venetian masks and join the endless parade in the alleys of Venice. You can find these costumes for rent at various places in Venice. One of the best places to buy your costume and mask is at Atelier Marega

If you’re not interested in getting the entire get-up, you can also just purchase a mask to wear as you walk around the town. 

Every year, almost three million people from all over the world travel to Venice for Carnival, so there will be plenty of costumes to look at and admire around you. 

Check Out the Venetian Water Festival

Every corner of the floating city is brimming with excitement during the Venice carnival, including the canals in the city. If you happen to be in the city for the opening of the carnival, you should definitely check out the Venetian Water Festival, also locally known as La Festa Veneziana sull’acqua. It takes place on the Cannaregio Canal on Saturday, and you can expect to see a spectacular water show filled with enchanting aquatic performances and dazzling costumes. 

If you’re in Venice on Sunday, you can also catch the water festivities at the Grand Canal starting at 10:30 am. Here you will also find plenty of local food stalls serving up some of the typical Venetian treats to keep you and the kids going. 

Witness the Flight of the Angel

One of the main highlights of the Venice carnival is the Flight of the Angel. It is one of the free events you can attend during the festival and is locally known as ‘Il Volo dell’Angelo’. It takes place at 12 noon on Sunday when an acrobat leaps off the San Marco Bell Tower, flies through the air and lands in the middle of Saint Mark’s Square. This is one of the events that dates back to the original carnivals from the La Serenissma period.

Catch A Historical Re-enactment

Another great kid-friendly carnival activity in Venice is to go watch one of the many re-enactments in the city. You could catch the ‘Festa delle Marie’, a traditional event to learn more about the history of the city starting from San Pietro in Castello. Another interesting event to catch is the re-enactment of the victory of doge Vitale Michiel II which takes place at Saint Mark’s Square.

Walk Around the City

The week of the carnival is one of the most exciting periods to be visiting Venice. Even if you miss the parades and the main events, worry not! There is so much going on in different parts of the city at all times; we promise you won’t be bored. 

The best way to experience the city during this time is to just wander around and take it all in. You can enjoy some of the local foods, try on different Venetian masks, people watch and just have a blast with your family. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that St. Mark’s Square is one of the main carnival locations, so you should definitely make your way over there to enjoy some of the free carnival entertainment with your kids. 

Venice Carnival Foods to Try

During your time in Venice for carnival, make sure to try these local delicacies available at various stalls throughout the city: 

  • Fritelle: A local fried doughnut rolled in cane sugar or dusted with powdered sugar. You can also find variations of this filled with Nutella. 
  • Galani: A flat deep-fried pastry
  • Castagnole: Fried dough balls topped with icing sugar
  • Sarde in Saor: Fried sardines marinated in a mixture of onions, raisins, pine nuts and vinegar 
  • Cicchetti: Little pieces of bread with a variety of different toppings to choose from

If you would like to book some fun experiences for your family for this trip, please get in touch with our team. Our team of expert guides can help you plan a tailored experience that meets your specific requirements. 

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